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Need legal help?

Need legal help?

Any community member seeking legal assistance can contact the Association for a referral to an appropriate community legal centre within Western Australia.  You can use the contact us form or telephone 9221 9322 during office hours.


Community members can access a directory of community legal centres in Western Australia here and contact them directly without referral.


If you require legal help in a State other than Western Australia, the National Association of Community Legal Centres has a searchable list of community legal centres here.

Who qualifies for services?

CLCs primarily target their services for people who are ineligible for legal aid and who are unable to afford the services of a private lawyer. Some CLCs are set up to meet the needs of specific people - such as young people, women, or people with mental illness.


Some CLCs have eligibility requirements so you will need to check these when contacting the Centre.

A CLC will not be able to assist you if it is already providing services to another party in a dispute. This is called a conflict of interest. In order to determine if there is a conflict of interest you may be asked a series of questions. If there is a conflict of interest, we suggest you contact another CLC, or another legal provider.