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Tenancy Network

As part of its role as the central resource unit, Tenancy WA convenes the bi-monthly Tenancy Network meeting. The Tenancy Network’s membership includes lawyers and advocates from 15 different community legal centres across metropolitan and regional WA.


The Network meetings provide an opportunity for these workers to:


  • get together regularly to discuss current or upcoming tenancy and housing issues, and identify trends in different regions;

  • provide each other with advice and insights into each-others’ work, where members have an opportunity to seek assistance from the group with a particular issue or area of law.

  • participate in presentations and seminars on areas where members want to improve their skills, or where the group has identified a need to learn more about an issue or area of practice. CPD is often on offer for practising lawyers.

  • discuss and receive updates on important matters impacting the community sector (such as changes to Government policy, new case law and funding cuts etc.);

  • provide input into the work of Tenancy WA, including law reform submissions, strategic priorities and the focus of community legal education programs.

  • identify and let people know about service pressures and capacity constraints and to work out ways that everyone can work together to alleviate this. 

  • develop stronger working relationships over time between workers and organisations.

See the Terms of Reference here.


Convenor:   Vachel Spirason |     Contact: