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Tenancy WA

2/18 Plain Street, East Perth  WA  6004

Advice line:  9221 0088 or country free call 1800 621 888

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  • Statewide telephone advice for residential tenants – including issues about private rentals, public and community housing, boarding and lodging, caravan parks long stay tenants. The advice line is open from 9:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

  • Referral to a Tenant Advocate at a Local Service Unit for assistance and representation

  • Limited casework

  • Test cases to improve the legal standing of tenants

  • Public interest law reform and policy work

  • Community Legal education – including education for tenants and professional development for Tenant Advocates and support workers

  • Convene the WA Tenancy Network of tenant advocates and services

  • Community workers Support Hotline (direct number is provided to Tenant Advocates and community workers, contacts us for details)


Referral criteria

  • Any residential Tenants living in WA are able to access the telephone advice service. We do not provide services to Landlords and Commercial tenants.

  • There are no income restrictions for telephone advice

  • Tenancy WA has recently introduced a fee for their legal advice service of $40. They will waive (remove) this fee if you are receiving Centrelink benefits or are in financial difficulty or a crisis - please talk to them about your situation.

Geographic region

  • Statewide advice service